About Cali

Welcome to Calisspa. My name is Cali Schoenhardt.  I am the owner of Calisspa, a boutique spa specializing in chemical peels, relaxing facials, and personalized skin care.Cali Profile Pic Face

I believe a natural, holistic approach is the best path to beauty, health and wellness.  My approach to beautiful, healthy skis is two-fold.  The path begins on the inside.  It is very simple; a healthy diet leads to a healthy body.  It does not matter how many skin care products are used or how many treatments your receive, if you do not have healthy food choices your body will not regenerate healthy skin.

It is also imperative that the correct, effective topical products are being used consistently.  There is not one skin care product or line that will work for everyone.  We are all unique and different, which means our skin is also.  What works for your friend, may not work for you.  I am here to guide you and help you find out the unique solution to YOUR skin’s needs.

I use PCA Skin Professional Skin Care Products because of the clinically proven results of the products and the continued research and innovation of the company.  PCA Skin was globally recognized as the innovator of the blended chemical peel.

For a consultation, individual or group appointment, please call me at 214-284-7740 or email me at Calisspa@calisspa.com.  You can also contact me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/calisspa.

Calisspa…Making the World Beautiful One Face at a Time

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